Downloading casino software is a drag-play Instant Play Slots instead!

Instant play slots is the only way to go when it comes to playing internet slot games. The votes are in and there’s no way any other option even comes close to being as convenient or simple as instant play slots. First of all, playing instant play as opposed to downloadable slots games saves time and effort as well as preventing you from downloading potentially harmful programs (Malware) to your computer. Playing instant play slots also allows you to play from any computer anywhere

What kinds of slots are out there?

If you’re just starting out as a gambler slots are the perfect games for you: you don’t need any skills or experience to enjoy and win here. The variety of themes will be enough to keep you coming back for more. There are several different types of flash casino slots out there, here are the basic categories:

#1-Classic Slots

Let’s look at Classic Slots a little more closely. Classic slots are reminiscent of the very first slot machines ever built. Although they now appear on screens instead of physical machines these are three reel slots.

#2- Video Slots

Video slots make use of 5 reels and more but pay out in more than one way. There are more symbols to complete different winning combinations and there are often bonus rounds and free spins.

#3- Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the last type of slot game we’ll discuss. Progressive are for the gambler who likes to live on the edge. Progressives draw their jackpot total from a network of machines across a specific casino. This means that a portion of the money made on each machine in the network goes towards the constantly growing jackpot. You never know what it’ll be when you win it!

Choosing your instant play slots

There is an endless supply of slots out there. Themes range from under the sea, to Arabian nights, to Christmas, Halloween or Easter, to movies to fairytales. There’s definitely something for every kind of gambler. Try everything out at least once, decide what your favourite is and go from there. Classic slots give that olden days feel…almost as if you are playing in a saloon in the wild west. Video slots give you many chances to win and surprise you with wild symbols and bonus rounds, keeping you on your toes while progressives are definitely for the thrill seekers among us. No slots require any experience, so everyone from newbies to veterans can enjoy this game of chance.

Fast, fun and secure, instant play slots offer you not only some fantastic cash prizes but also the opportunity to experience some of the best software graphics and audio effects available online today. Find a reputable internet casino and choose your instant play slots today.