Why download an online casino?

There is a burgeoning movement towards instant play, where you play right on your browser. This article will discuss the many advantages of downloading the software from your chosen online casino.

Superior casino game selection

When you download the casino you will get access to the full suite of games on offer from the casino. This is often in excess of 60 more casino games than the instant play casino offers. If you want the best game selection then playing at the download version is better than the instant or mobile casino. Most mobile casinos have under 200 games on offer while a download casino can offer over 600.

The heart of video slots

Most gamers agree that the graphics, animation, and sound quality are better at downloaded games. Since enhanced graphics, animation, and sound are the three main drivers of new casino games especially video slots, it makes sense to play at a download casino for the ultimate experience.

Imagine playing a slot based on a hit movie or television show, such as Game of Thrones™, that uses graphics, animation, and sound at the core of its entertainment value and then skimping on those three qualities for a small amount of convenience, like instant play?

Power Reigns Supreme

Downloading still takes up some space on your hard drive but today’s hard drives are so powerful that the area occupied by the casino is actually negligible.

When you play on your browser, you are tied to the browser. Browsers crash or run slower than normal at times. When you want to play a fast game or a few quick hands of a slower game and the browser feels like it’s moving through mush, you’ll appreciate the advantage of downloading the casino. Once the casino has been downloaded all you need for uninterrupted gaming is an internet connection.

Downloading gives full access

Many online casinos run quickie promotions in pop up form. Many of these promotions are for deposit bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. By downloading your casino of choice, you will have access to these lucrative promotions. Playing on your browser does not allow you access to these great offers!

To download or not to download?

We hope this short article has helped you see that downloading still has advantages over instant play. The choice is yours and you can access all versions at most casinos simply use the same login details to access the instant, download or mobile casino.