Download Casinos

The Original Download Casinos

Download casinos can be viewed as the original internet casinos as this was essentially the only way in which players to access these establishments. The option is still prevalent and standard across the board, with close on all online casinos offering a full download option. It was only in recent years that the majority of casinos looked into and launched a Flashed-based platform to gamble from. Even with the instant play movement there are still many beneficial factors to opting for installing software as opposed to playing in your internet web browser… has a look at some of the highlights, pros and cons, below.

How does a Download Casino Work?

The way in which this type of casino works is quite simple – and self-explanatory once you get the ball rolling. The casinos featured here at offer easy download and installation of their casino software and you can of course click on our links to claim a special sign up offer! Once you do so you will be redirected to the site, where an automatic download will commence. After the software is installed, simply click on ‘run’ and follow the prompts. The size of the files differ and so the amount of time that the process takes varies too. You are generally looking at just a couple of minutes of your time – for endless action and entertainment to follow! For ease of accessibility you can create a desktop shortcut and even have the casino appear in your start menu. We recommend that you download Vegas Palms casino for the full online gambling experience with great bonuses and quality games.

How to Open an Account at a Download Casino

Following the successful installation of the online casino suite you can go on to opening an account. This too is an easy process that is guided by prompts in just a few steps. In order to become a real money player you need to provide the casino with some personal information, mainly identification info, and then of course, your own password – and make sure this is only known to you! Although you can initially makes deposits freely, there is usually an identification verification when it comes to withdrawing any of the funds in your casino account. This is really in effort to protect you from someone else trying to cash in on your good fortune. The verification process requires players to submit a colour copy of an identification document, a utility bill with the players’ residential particulars, and possibly a few other documents, just to make extra sure that it is in fact you!

Access the Complete Suite of Casino Games

The biggest perk of choosing to install is by far that you will get access to the entire game suite offered by the software provider. Some software companies such as Microgaming has more than 600 games in their menu – way too much to offer at an instant play option. So instead of having a watered down version of the game suite, you will have access to them all, with everything from classic slots, to modern video slots, progressive jackpot slots, draw poker, blackjack, roulette, video poker, arcade games, specialty games – and multiples thereof in each category!.

Differences between Download and No Download Casinos

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to both formats and it seems that the choice to pick one over the other is often based on circumstance, as well as personal preference. Choosing the download option often means that you will enjoy better access to the casinos’ services, equating to more banking options and a greater variety of games. Installed casinos also offers a superior gaming experience with games featuring higher quality graphics and sound, faster game play and more in-game options than Flash games typically offer.

Advantages of the Download Casino Format

For players not on Windows or Linux or players who do not wish to overload the data storage space on their device, going with the Flash version of a online casino definitely makes more sense. There are however a few key factors that convince players to opt for a full casino instead:

    • Efficiency: Installed casinos are less dependent on an internet connection and use your actual computer system as an operating platform. Browser based games can only operate with a solid internet connection.
    • You get more: With a download option you will usually get more features such as superior graphics and smoother game play as the lobby and games that you have played are already loaded on your computer.
    • Bigger game menu: As mentioned, these casinos offer the entire collection of games offered by casino software providers.
      Software is free: Casinos offer their software as a completely free download with no hidden costs involved at all.
    • Tournament Access: There are many fantastic and exciting tournaments available at virtual casinos and some of them can only be accessed through the casino download suite.
    • Better bonus offers: Many casinos will incentivise players to install their software by offering better bonuses and special promotional packages.
    • Better security: Players will often enjoy higher levels of security and privacy with download casinos as security software, including digital encryption technology, is already built into the software platform

With these pros and cons you can make an informed decision with as to what you are looking for in your online gambling experience. You can still get the best out of either option by joining one of the most popular casinos via Sign up at any of the top online casinos now!