Do’s and Don’ts of instant wins with online slots

Nothing signifies an instant win quite like slot machines do. There is no training or strategies involved in the winning and playing the machines is as simple as the click of a button. If you are a beginner or have been trying to find ways to better increase your chances at striking it lucky on the slots then take note of the simple yet effective tips given below.

Do: make use of your online slots bonuses

Slot bonuses are probably the best things that could ever happen to online gamblers. They allow players to make bets on various slot machines without making use of any of their own money and sometimes without ever even making a deposit. When used with due knowledge and caution, bonuses can be to the advantage of the player by offering him more chances to create instant winnings from the slot games.

Don’t: play penny online slots

The reality is that what you get out of the slot machine as winnings is somewhat proportional to what you put into the machine as your bet. This is the very reason why making penny bets is to be avoided unless of course winning anything significant is completely excluded from your list of gambling desires. If for example you make a $0.01 bet one payline of a slot machine and the machine pays out a 500 coin jackpot, if you happen to hit that jackpot you will only receive $5 instead of $500 if you bet with $1.00.

Do: play slot games with bonus rounds

Not only do bonus rounds offer players a whole other entertainment dimension but they also pose as additional chances for the player to make decent winnings. Slot games with free spins especially will also come with some interesting multiplier amounts. What this means for you as the player is that for a few blissful moments you get to play without using your own money and whatever you win from there will be multiplied by at least 2x. Not all slot machines come with bonus rounds even if they are video slots so making sure by actively checking is advised.

Don’t: just look at the highest amount on the paytable

There is a lot that goes into determining just how profitable a casino game is and the top jackpot is possibly the least of them. When approaching a slot machine, the player should rather focus his attention on how the machine fairs on volatility and payout percentages in comparison to others. These two factors especially give a good idea of not only how often the slot machine pays out but also in what ranges. Looking at only the machines that promise you a million dollars in the top jackpot might land you in a situation where you are playing a low risk online slot where there is just about one in a million chance of you winning that million dollars.

Do: know the specific variance that you are willing to play at

Variance and volatility are very important terms when it comes to selecting your preferred slot machines. These two terms very loosely defined refer to the frequency with which a certain slot machine creates winnings and also the variation between high and low payouts that are made. In turn, that affects the number of bets you make on a machine given a certain amount of money, the bet sizes you make and how much money you might expect to receive from the slot machine. That being said, it is then easy to tell why picking the slot machine with volatility and variance that is suited for your pockets is so important.